Seja você também um investidor!

Como Pessoa Física, você também pode ser participante deste projeto de transformação social desenvolvido pela Associação de Transformação Social Luz do Mundo. É simples e rápido. Clicando no “DOE AGORA”, você poderá efetuar doações mensais através de seus cartões de crédito na quantia que desejar.

Se não possuir cartões de crédito e deseja doar, ainda assim é possível. Basta que entre no botão “DOE AGORA”. Lá você vai encontrar também como opção a “Transferência Eletrônica” ou o boleto online para pagamento nas agências bancárias.

Caso não queira utilizar nenhum destes recursos, basta que entre no menu “Fale Conosco” e no campo de mensagem detalhar que você quer ser um investidor. Entraremos em contato e lhe enviaremos os boletos para pagamento mensal, em quantas vezes desejar.

Como Pessoa Jurídica, sua empresa poderá assumir os custos de uma criança mensalmente e em contrapartida, a ONG lhe concede o direito de utilização do “Selo de Responsabilidade Social – Empresa Guardiã da Criança”, de acordo com o regulamento específico do mesmo, em toda sua comunicação. Recebe também o direito de postar sua logomarca em nosso site como parceiro investidor.

Para empresas vale muito a pena investir, mostrando aos seus clientes atuais e potenciais que ela preocupa-se com a responsabilidade social. Entre no menu “Fale Conosco” ou em contato pelo telefone (34)3226-5359 e solicite uma visita.

route to a bargain How the beat the stores at the bargains game

That spending on fashion is hardly booming is no revelation. While the misfortunes of Marks Spencer have been trumpeted ad infinitum, the rest of replica cheap Michael Kors the British high street is thinking up ever more imaginative ways to boost turnover, which can only be described as it has been for some time now as invariably flat.

Designer clothing, equally, is hardly flying out of the stores. On the contrary, more than a few big names had already started their sales before Christmas. All of this, in the short term at least, can only be good news for the consumer. The spring/summer collections will be coming to a store near you this January. There’ll be no shortage of itsy bitsy bikinis come the cold snap, fashionably read insanely enough.

In the meantime, the prices of more costly autumn/winter clothing there’s rather more to producing a heavy wool jacket, for example, than a slither of silk sarong skirt are being slashed to make way.

A word of warning: it’s always safer to go for more classic items ones that won’t have metamorphosed into a fashion faux pas by the time fake cheap Michael kors handbags you’re seen wearing them. The season’s must haves have cheap michael kors bags usually all been spoken for even before the clothes have come into the stores at full price.

It’s that waiting list thing again. The modishly minded knew what they wanted well before the humble likes of you and me. By the time the sales start, any such fashion moments will be thin on the ground.

Similarly, the most experienced and determined sales shoppers will have done their homework in advance, earmarking the exact sales items they’re looking for, at the most reasonable price, and having committed to memory exactly which part of each store to go to ensure they get just what they bargained for.

Less aggressive shoppers may well fake michael kors simply find themselves stranded in a sea cheap michael kors handbags of tired millennium partywear bright cheap michael kors orange, probably they’d be well advised to avoid like the proverbial plague.

And therein lies the key. If you come across rails of one particular item, and one particular item in one particular colour especially, discount michael kors in the sales, chances are they haven’t sold by now for a very cheap Michael Kors good reason. However much the price of such things has been slashed, however tempting it might be to buy into even the greatest of status labels at unfeasibly low prices, every designer makes mistakes and such items were, almost invariably, not worth having in the first place.

The best things to cheap Michael Kors head for when sales shopping are the cheap michael kors staples that most designers now include in their collections and which carry through from season to season with only the slightest adaptation to keep them up to date. The trusty Ballantyne cashmere sweater is just one example, the MaxMara coat and Helmut Lang windcheater two more. With these, and other items that have by now become hardy perennials, the sales shopper can’t go wrong.

And finally, if you’ve never been prepared to line up for the opening of the Harrods sale before, this year’s guest celebrity might just be worth the wait. Yes, on 5 January the thoroughly gorgeous, ever pouting Raquel Welch will be doing the honours at the world’s largest and most famously ferocious sale. Start queuing now even if you haven’t the heart to make it actually through the doors, we trust you’ll agree.Articles Connexes:

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