Sobre a ONG

A ONG situa-se na cidade de Uberlândia, Minas Gerais e desenvolve seus programas sempre voltados para ações sociais  e educacionais da população  da cidade.

Associação de Transformação Social Luz do Mundo
Rua: Barão de Penedo, 948 – Bairro Pampulha
Uberlândia – Minas Gerais – Brasil
CEP: 38408-640
Telefones: (34)3226-5359 – (34)9997-3637

SoMedia Launches Video Ad Production for Oracle Marketing Cloud

Full Service video ad production now available to tens of thousands of marketers through leading automated marketing and social media platforms

June 12, 2015; 03:37 AMThousands of businesses use these platforms to run online marketing campaigns and manage social networks, cheap michael kors but have yet to fully integrate video ads due to the lack of a scalable and affordable video ad production solution. The launch of SoMedia Video Ads expands access to video ad production to tens of thousands of marketers, anywhere in North America.

SoMedia Video Ads is the only video ad production and marketing app available on Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud Hootsuite. The app enables users of these platforms to order the production of a wide variety of optimized video ad styles, including branded content, anywhere in North America, delivered in fake cheap Michael kors handbags fourteen days or less. Ordering, creative development, screening, delivery, cheap michael kors handbags and deployment of video content is entirely cloud based.

The new app features:

Wide Variety of Video Ad Styles Order the production of a variety video ad styles and formats including Scripted Spokesperson, Narrated Voiceover, Branded Content, Profile, Testimonial and Custom. Each ad is optimized for online viewing.

Multi Location, Localized Ads Order and cheap Michael Kors produce relevance driven content through localized and targeted variations of any video ad.

Advanced Content Targeting Match a video creative content to a campaign target audience to maximize michael kors cheap ROI.

Seamless Campaign Integration Add innovative video advertisements to any landing page, newsletter, email blast, or social network.

Automatic YouTube and Facebook Upload Deploy video ads to YouTube and Facebook with one click.

Free Custom Video Players Analytics Monitor and measure video performance with real time video analytics cheap replica michael kors and replica michael kors video players.

automation and social media platforms have transformed demand generation, lead cheap michael kors bags nurturing and Michael Kors handbag outlet customer engagement, but until now these platforms haven been able to provide their clients with video ad production and due

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